The achievable torque is depending on the on time and the cooling system. The torque motors are equipped with a water cooling system and so are suitable for highest continuous torques. Depending on the design, the cooling is offered in two variants: either as a meander shaped cooling system or as an integrated cooling helix.
The technical data shows the allowed continuous torque with water cooling at 100°C coil temperature. Momentary peak torques are available up to the threefold of the continuous torque. Peak torque and peak current are defined in the technical data as the values that are allowed with a pulse time of 2 sec. In case of shorter intervals even higher current and torque values are possible. The limit of the current is given by the danger of an irreversable demagnetisation of the permanent magents, where the temperature plays an important role. Limit data is available on demand.


The acceleration values achieved by torque motors are enormous. Limits arise only from the mechanical stability of machine elements and inertia.

Rotational rigidity
The achievable rigidity of a torque motor is depending on the amplifier used and the decoder resolution. Also the mechanical rigidity of the supporting construction must be regarded.

Smooth operation

The torque motors run very smooth. They are not subject to wear and show no losses or hysteresis. The smoothness in operation and dynamic stability is guaranteed for the whole durability.
  Installation advise

Environmental conditions
Torque motors can be used for all industrial applications. However, they must be sealed so that no chips of magnetic material can get into the motor. It should also be avoided to let the motor get into contact with oils, greases and hydrocarbons.

The supporting construction for the motor must be rigid so that a distortion of the motor after mounting is avoided. According to the tolerances of the stator housing the adaptor end of the motor should have the tolerance classification ISO f7.

Frequency converter
The motor is driven with common frequency converters with position control.
It must be regarded that the actual value input of the controller can interpret the position signal. A list of suitable frequency converters can be found on www.torquetec.de

Setting up
Before setting up operation of the torque motor the control system must be provided with important parameters. Advise for parametration can be found on our homepage.

Maintenance and wear
TorqueTec torque motors are almost 100% free of maintenance and wear. With monitored operation there is practically no technical limitation on their durability.