Fast and effective

Direct-drive technology in mechanical engineering is defined as the use of actuators which transfer their power directly to the driven construction part without any transmission ratio. Compared with conventional motor-gear combinations, the torque motor has significantly higher acceleration and speed values. The zero backlash and freedom of hysteresis of the direct-drive, result from its conception. Design, manufacture and assembly of machines equipped with torque motors are much easier and cheaper than with conventional technology.

Advantages of torque motors

• enormous acceleration and deceleration values
• dynamically stable and rigid
• optimized precision in reaching a defined position
• highest dynamic and swivelling speed
• high peak torque
• high degree of efficiency
• longer durability and maintenance-free operation by means of less parts subject to wear
• smooth operation
• big installation diameter
• effective compact brake
• trouble-free parallel operation of two motors as a unit
• adaptable to all common control systems


In principle, torque motors are the same as linear motors, but with a wound design. They are synchronous machines with high torque for dynamic rotational movement. In combination with suitable encoders the motors can be positioned accurately. Today‘s available fast and powerful computing systems enable control circuits which meet the demands of modern mechanical engineering.